Accidental Delicious Dish

I can get pretty creative when I am trying to use up ingredients in my pantry or fridge. Sometimes I end up making wacky things that taste good, or sometimes they turn out pretty bad. But, it is always good to take a risk because you might make a new favorite meal!

I shall call this dish Phyllo Deep Dish Pizza:
Looks a little messy because we couldn’t wait to dig in. No time for picture taking!

I lined the quiche dish with phyllo dough that had been sitting in the freezer forever, then added the rest of my mini quiche mixture (broccoli, chicken sausage, cheese, and spices), and then topped with plenty of vodka sauce (from Trader Joe’s). Then baked at 350 for about 20 minutes or so, and there you have it!

It was probably one of my favorite dishes I have made so far, probably because I love pizza, and all the ingredients involved in this dish.

Anyway, here is what we did with the other part of the broccoli, chicken sausage, and cheese mixture:
Mini Quiche!

We just placed phyllo in muffin tins, added the broccoli mixture, then poured an egg mixture to fill up the cups.

May be a little messy, but it was a great experiment. Of course, phyllo dough is not the healthiest food on the planet, but it is not terrible for you. My version of this meal is definitely lightened up from what you would normally get in a restaurant, or from a frozen meal. So, I don’t feel guilty 😉

Plus, the goal is never to feel guilty about foods we eat. The focus should be more about eating all foods in moderation, and slow down to enjoy every bite.


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