26th Birthday

So, I had a birthday this weekend. Nothing epic since last year was a milestone year. But, nevertheless, we celebrated over at my parent’s house on Sunday which was also Mother’s Day. I argued with my brother that my birthday took precedence over Mother’s Day because if I was never born, she wouldn’t be a mother. Silly.

Anyway, my Dad made some amazing grilled salmon:
We didn’t have a ton of food for dinner because we always fill up too much on appetizers (and my Dad complains about this every time). For appetizer, we had seed crackers, cheese, sour cream dip, and carrots/celery.

And my Mom made me a tasty (not healthy) jello surprise cake:
I was almost more obsessed with the chocolate fudge ice cream. The cake was actually pretty light–nothing to heavy. But, crazy sugary. More than I am used to.
My brother made me a card with carrots on the front of it.

So, of course, we all got sugar crazy and hyper after eating. And my Dad decided to scare us all with his crazy face mask.
So silly and creepy.
Anyway, for Mother’s Day, I made my Mom this Pinterest inspired star collage for the wall:
It turned out super cute. All you need is a metal star, some black and white photos, 3 pieces of scrapbook paper, and modge podge.

More on turning 26 later…


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    Happy birthday, Nic! I remember my 26th birthday, because I went to see George Michael in concert and wore an outrageous black dress. Love the star you made.

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